Titans Juniors Parade as Mascots for A-League Clash

Post date: Oct 25, 2016 8:14:45 AM

Twenty two young Cooks River Titans players had the amazing opportunity of representing their Club and walking out as mascots to the A-League clash last Sunday between Western Sydney Wanderers and Newcastle Jets before just under 14,000 spectators at Spotless Stadium in Homebush.

Players and parents were asked to turn up to the ground a couple of hours before kick-off to go rehearse how it would all take place and got a chance to venture through the inner sanctums of Spotless Stadium as well as walk out onto the field before the ground was officially open.

After several rehearsals, the young Titans were ready and met up with their parents to get changed and then wait to be summoned by the ground official. Thirty minutes before kick-off, the players were marched down to one of the change rooms for final instructions before making their way to the tunnel to wait for the players of both teams to come out.

The Titans were bursting with excitement as the A-League players came up beside them and held the hand of a player each. The music began and the A-League players walked out with a Cooks River Titan player each onto the middle of the ground on display for the thousands of spectators in attendance. It all worked like clockwork and the Titans players marched back to the tunnel after the formalities. They then were ushered back to their parents in the grand stand to enjoy the rest of the game. The Club would like to thank all players for wearing the Titans jersey with pride in front of thousands of spectators live and hundreds of thousands of viewers at home.