Club Philosophy

As mentioned on our home page, the vision of the club is to create and foster a safe and family friendly environment in a way that children feel a strong sense of belonging.

The Club’s focus on juniors is key as it is at this stage where children are able to develop more rapidly but more importantly understand and appreciate the fundamentals of sportsmanship, respect, camaraderie, teamwork, competition and having fun. The Club strongly believes that by creating this environment and providing these opportunities for children that the child’s health and well-being and in turn society will benefit.

We understand that some children want to develop at a faster pace in technical and tactical ability and if they are in a happy and nurturing environment without the burden of extreme pressure then they will improve much quicker.

As a local community club we have an aim of providing football at a very reasonable cost and look at ways of identifying talented players to offer further opportunities to improve more rapidly without the need to spend a lot of money of specific programs.