Our Under 6s and Under 7s

Post date: Apr 25, 2016 1:57:56 AM

In classical ancient mythology near the beginning of time existed gigantic, powerful, and primeval beings that ruled the world. These giants roamed the skies, the seas, and the earth.

They were known as TITANS.

As our current Under 6 and Under 7 teams are not graded and if we called them 1s and 2s or As and Bs implies grading. Therefore, we have decided to use names instead for each of our teams. They may be the youngest of our teams but in our eyes they are giants with big hearts and great determination. They too are TITANS and they are named after some of the ancient Titans which ruled this earth.

Under 6s Atlas Titans

Under 7s Cronus Titans

Under 7s Helios Titans

Under 7s Perses Titans

Under 7s Zeus Titans