Meet the Titans: Who is David James? Club Technical Director

Post date: Jul 3, 2017 5:44:17 AM

David James is once again club Technical Director for the 2017 season. DJ, as he is affectionately known has held the position of Technical Director since 2016 and is delighted to continue in his role in 2017.

DJ currently holds several FFA coaching licences including his Grass Roots license and FFA Senior C licence and comes with a wealth of footballing experience.

DJ has held coaching positions at the Tim Cahill Coaching Clinics through Tim Cahill who he grew up playing together in the youth teams at Sydney Olympic and Sydney United. He was also taken under the wing by Robbie Anderson (Everton Coach who has developed some of the biggest names in the EPL including Ross Barkley and Wayne Rooney). Anderson and Cahill appointed DJ as the head coach of a selected Boys youth team that played in the Disney Cup (USA). DJ’s team were victorious defeating Bermuda in the final. See the video here:

Along with an extensive list of coaching experience DJ has also played football at National and State level here in Australia as well as in the lower leagues of the U.K.

The reappointment of DJ is in line with the clubs philosophy of developing our junior players and coaches in all facets of football including ball control, passing, shooting, balance and coordination, and skills, whilst above all having fun.

“I had the opportunity to help a mate and coach a youth team at Sydney Olympic but have chosen to work with Nick at the Titans. I love working with kids watching them improve week to week, I try to make training fun but yet game related.” – DJ stated.

As you already know DJ has been providing assistance to our junior coaches and running training sessions on Wednesday nights. He will also be providing additional coaching sessions every Thursday night for those players wanting to train more than once a week in order to further develop their football ability. This additional session will come at a small cost per session of $10 and go ahead based on demand (For any player who is interested in additional training with DJ please directly email the club).

Assisting DJ will be qualified club coaches Nick Kambounias and George Antonopoulos who have both coached at state level. Additionally, Peter Solomakos will be running goalkeeper training sessions on a regular basis throughout the season to assist our budding goalkeepers to develop their skills.

For further information on the qualifications of our Technical Director and his assistants please find attached their footballing resumes.