Junior Committee Announced for 2021

Post date: Dec 14, 2020 7:27:09 AM

The Cooks River Titans are pleased to announce the formation of a Junior Committee for 2021.

Amy Brown, Jake Brown, Billy Angelopoulos and Cooper Steel took an active role with the Club this year on matchdays. Not only did they act as Game Leaders (junior referees) but they also assisted with other match day activities including field set up, crowd marshalling and canteen duties.

Amy, Jake and Billy joined Cooks River in its inception year in 2015 and have been involved since. This season the Club was not able to accommodate them on the playing field. Amy’s team disintegrated following the change in female age groups skipping odd years and Jake and Billy’s team collapsed due to COVID-19. Amy managed to play elsewhere but Jake and Billy refused to play anywhere except for the Titans. For Cooper, it was his first year with the Club and plays in the Under13s. He assisted one morning when he wasn’t able to play for his team and loved it from the start. The Committee noticed this passion from all four children so found a way to keep them not only involved in the Club but to be further engrained in the Club culture.

When asked a couple of weeks ago if they would again be interested in assisting on matchdays, the response from them all was swift and emphatically positive. As such, the Committee felt it appropriate to formalise their involvement through the formation of a Junior Committee. They have been given the same black Club polo top as worn by the Club committee members to signify their status within the Club. The Club is proud to have them onboard for 2021.