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posted Mar 3, 2016, 1:07 AM by CooksRiver Titans   [ updated Mar 3, 2016, 8:38 PM ]

Cooks River Titans FC have managed to secure some trial matches this Sunday (6/3/16) at Tempe High School (Unwins Bridge Road, Tempe)

Below is the schedule of matches:

9am (2 x 15 min halves) 
Titans Atlas U6 vs Minotaurs U6.1 
Titans Cronus U6 vs Minotaurs U6.2 
Titans Helios U7 vs Minotaurs U7.1 
Titans Perses U7 vs Minotaurs U7.2

10am (2 x 20 min halves) 
Titans U8 vs Minotaurs U8 
Titans U9 vs Minotaurs U9

11am (2 x 25 min halves) 
Titans U10 vs Minotaurs U10

12am (2 x 25 min halves) 
Titans U12 vs Minotaurs U11

1.00pm (2 x 35 min halves) 
Titans AA4 vs Titans AA Sun PG

2.30pm (2 x 35 min halves) 
Titans AA6 vs CBD AA3

4.00pm (2 x 35 min halves) 
Titans AA Sun SG vs CBD PL Reserves

5.30pm (2 x 35 min halves) 
Titans AA1 vs CBD PL

This is the first week of organised trial matches all throughout March (expect the Easter weekend). The competition will commence the first weekend in April.