Special Titans

Special Titans – A Program for Footballers with an Intellectual Disability

The Cooks River Titans Football Club will run a program for players with an intellectual disability in its inaugural year in 2015.

The Club announced at its recent Fun Day and Club Inauguration that it has formed a sister club relationship with the Sutherland Titans Football Club. Sutherland Titans is a wonderful club that gives people with a disability an opportunity to participate in sport. In attendance at the Club’s Fun Day was Sutherland Titans President George Lazarou as well as Andrew Paschalidis who works for Special Olympics Australia.

Since then the Club has worked in the background to plan its own disability inclusive program with the support of Special Olympics Australia. As a Club we would like to thank the CEO of Special Olympic Australia Nicola Stokes who said: “Thank you (Cooks River Titans) for considering the needs of people living with an intellectual disability in sport and we look forward to working with you to build your football program from strength to strength.”

Importantly, the Club has also received the endorsement from its governing body, the CDSFA as well as the commitment from Sutherland Titans FC to help in any way they can in forming the program in another district outside of Sutherland and therefore continue to bring awareness to the importance of providing sporting opportunities for people with a disability. Again we would like to thank the CEO of the CDSFA Mr Ian Holmes as well as Sutherland Titans President Mr George Lazarou for their ongoing assistance.

The program will be called Special Titans. The exact format is still being developed with the assistance of all parties and once finalise we will definitely let those who are interested informed.

If you have any questions please email us at info@cooksrivertitans.com.au or call George on 0418 111 548.

To express your interest in registering for the program please fill in the form below:

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